Learning Sciences and Technology Institute

©2015 Bijan B. Gillani


The dramatic advances in the field of technology and the explosive growth of the Internet in recent years have revolutionized the way instruction is delivered to students. In parallel with these technological advances, the field of Learning Sciences has made phenomenal contributions to how people learn. For the most part, the advances in these two fields (technology and learning sciences) have gone their separate ways. A synergy of these two fields would enable educators and instructional designers to design and develop more effective educational materials to be transmitted over the Internet. To provide a solution for this synergy we the Institute of Learning Sciences and Technology focuses on providing a systematic and more intelligent approach to the design of e-learning environments by applying the research findings in the field of Learning Sciences to the design and development of technological environments.

The Institute for Learning Sciences and Technology will operate as a center for the innovative use of educational technology for the California State University, East Bay.. The Director of the Institute will report to the Dean of the college. The Institute will be a multidisciplinary team that will involve faculty from the College of Education and Allied Studies and the College of Science. The mission of the Institute of Learning Sciences and Technology parallels with the mission of the university that focuses on providing an academically rich, multicultural learning experience that prepares all its students to realize their goals, pursue meaningful lifework, and to be socially responsible contributors to their communities, locally and globally.