Learning Sciences and Technology Institute

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A completed University Graduate Application (Online Only)

Two official copies of each transcript (Mail to the Enrollment Office)

Statement of residency (Mail to the Department)

A Department Application Form (Mail to the Department)

Two letter of recommendations (Mail to the Department.

GPA 3.0.

Selection Process:

Selection of applicants for Educational Technology Programs is made by the faculty who use their professional judgment in applying the criteria listed in this catalog. The aim is to select those candidates who show promise of becoming the leaders in educational technology.

Denial of admission may be for one or more of the following reasons: failure of applicant to fulfill the prerequisites, an incomplete or late application, the faculty finds one (or more) of the admissions criteria is not met at a satisfactory level, the faculty finds the applicant to be less likely to succeed as an educational technology leaqder than other applicants, and/or insufficient places in a program because of the allocation of university resources or surpluses of candidates in particular subject matter areas.
Graduation Requirements:

Completion of required 24 Units of Core Courses.

Completion of 16 units of Elective Courses.

Completion of Master Degree Project or Thesis Project.

Completion of graduate check list (Online and Forms)