Learning Sciences and Technology Institute

©2015 Bijan B. Gillani


The Institute of Learning Sciences and Technology will delve into:

How do people learn?

What are learning theories?

What are the instructional principles that we can derive from learning theories?

How can we apply these instructional principles to the design of meaningful learning with existing and emerging technology?

How do we make these principles accessible to faculty who wish to use technology more effectively?

How do we develop pedagogically sound learning environments that prepare students to pursue meaningful lifework that has local and global contribution?


The function of the Institute for Learning Sciences and Technology will be to:

Serve as a leader on campus and work with faculty and staff working to improve the effective use of technology in education.

Establish graduate programs in Learning Sciences and Technology

Find existing and emerging instructional theories and introduce them to faculty who are interested.

Find emerging educational technologies and introduce them to faculty who are interested.

Merge instructional theories with emerging technologies and train other faculty to use them appropriately.

Collaborate with the high-tech industry, school districts, and governmental organizations to set standards for the effective use of technology in education.

Develop a comprehensive plan to bring about change and innovation for future planning of the University's technological effort.

Collect data and develop economic models so that investments in IT are made in the most cost-effective manner.

Delve into research methodologies into the Learning Sciences and how findings from these researches can improve teaching of various disciplines using technology.

Design and develop workshops, discussion groups, and programs for enhancing the educational uses of technology at our university.