p Welcome to Podcasting for Educators

Podcasting and its related technologies are the next killer application for educators. The Podcasting term originated from mixing of "broadcasting" and Apple's iPod. However, Podcasting is not limited to the use of Apple or iPod. Today other operating systems including Windows and UINX support software for Podcasting. Podcasting allows audio or video files to be published to the Internet, downloaded by an RSS feed to an aggregator, such as iTune, and or be heard or viewed through a computer. Once you download the podcast to your iTune, then you can synch the it to your MP3 and take it with you on the road. The purpose of this Web site is to enable educators to have a clear understanding of these technologies that enables them to podcast their content.

You will need the following knowledge to design, produce, publish and promote your podcast.

  • Design
    • Listen to other podcasters
    • Pedagogy for organizating educational podcast
    • Planning
  • Podcasting Tools
    • Computer
    • Hardware
  • Production software
    • Audacity
    • GarageBand
    • Encoders
  • Publish
    • Domain Registration
    • Web Hosting
    • Blog
    • RSSFeed
  • Maintain

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